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Cardiology Curitiba is an integral part of the range of information and services provided by ANGIO COR Curitiba. Cardiologist Dr. Daniela performs: cardiological CHECK UP, treatment and prevention of diseases that affect the correct functioning of the heart and cardiological diagnostic tests


Estimates point to an upward trend in cardiovascular mortality in Brazil over the next 40 years.

According to recent data from the Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics, Brazil ranks eleventh in the rate of mortality from coronary artery disease and strokes among men and eighth among women, with the 35 to 74 age group being the most affected.

Most heart attacks can be prevented by recognizing and treating risk factors and making lifestyle changes, which can be done through an annual check-up.

The importance of the Check Up lies in recognizing preventable diseases and treating existing ones. Among the main problems detected by the examination are high cholesterol and/or triglycerides (dyslipidemia), diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, among others.

There is no age at which a check-up should be carried out; at each stage of life there are specific needs to be addressed. In addition to the clinical history and physical examination, the cardiologist will order some tests, even for asymptomatic patients, so that if any changes occur, treatment or prevention can be started as soon as possible.

You can browse through the menu: Cardiology articles, to find out in greater detail about diseases and risk factors that affect the heart and other components of the circulatory system and that fall within the area of cardiology.

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